Attraction List


Other Attractions

Some of the other attractions I have provided music and sound for


Spooksville Adventure Island

The Swarm Thorpe Park

The Smiler Alton Towers

Laser Raiders Legoland Windsor

Storm Sea World Australia

Zufari Chessington World of Adventures

The Dragon Legoland Windsor

Fairy Tale Brook Legoland Windsor

CeeBeeBies Land Alton Towers

Over The Hill Adventure Island

Adventureville Adventure Island

Treetop Adventure Golf Cardiff




Welcome to my website

I am a freelance musical composer and sound designer. I specialise in creative sound for tourist attractions and musical soundtracks for animations and marketing videos.

My music is always atmospheric, effective and completely customised for each individual project I work on. My music is heard at Legoland Windsor, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Adventure Island, SEALIFE Aquariums to name but a few…

Over 22,000 people hear my music every single day.

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