Music for Animation

Music for Animations

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A Career At Sea

Alright, I’m sure working at sea is really hard work and not a life for everyone… but even so – what amazing adventures you could have! It’s …

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Payara – The New Fish on the Block

Music and sound effect production for this throwback to my 16-bit gaming youth was great fun.

The little fish thinks its life is at an end, b…


The History of Buying Violins

Music composition for a fun, fast-paced, time-shifting animation that takes the viewer through the changing methods of violin purchasing.


Wottle Do

Is social networking good for business? It certainly is with Wottle Do.

Working with my good friends at Slurpy Studios, I was pleased to compose a fun musical score for Wot…

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The Hangova

A lovely animation courtesy of Slurpy Studios has allowed me to put this ear-worm of a ditty together for The Hangova to give their online marketing a fun kick.